How to Keep Up the Best Quality of Aggregated Grain?

For years, prices of different commodities and crops are fluctuating mostly in the earlier part of the year. Gathering the crop for a specific amount of time for getting the right price, can be a smart move. But often this tweak of getting the higher prices by gathering the crops can be failed due to the decreasing quality of stored grain day by day. You can maintain good quality by practising proper management norms.

Here are some tips to store your grain and at the same time keeping the perfect quality to get higher prices.

Try to Dry Grain Down to the Proper Moisture Level

Our recommendation is to dry the grain down to 13% if you are planning to store it for more than a year. Similarly, maintain 14% for less than a year and 15% for six months. You can presume that these limits are sort of optimum levels to acquire the perfect quality you are looking for after a storage period. Any disruption of those thresholds will notify that your grain storage solution lack some criteria for proper storage.

Implement Aeration Fans to Obtain Grain Temperature Below 50 Degrees Farenhite


Make sure you are maintaining your grain storage systems in such way where the insects, mildew and fungus can not access. On this process, gradually lower your grain temperature to 50 degrees to 30 degrees Farenhite as soon as possible. In several types of research, it has been proven that most of the insects can not survive below this optimum temperature. Use aeration fans to obtain this optimum temperature.

Maintain A Low Temperature Within the Grain Silos

grain ring advantec three

You should maintain a lower temperature within the grain silos in order to obtain the ultimate quality of the grain eventually. In summer, it is expected to have a boom in temperature in every possible circumstance. But your objective should maintain the temperatures to make the insects dormant.

Review the Grain Regularly

Most grain storage solutions experts suggest that you must check the grain once a week in warmer seasons to get rid of obligations you have about your grain storage.

If you are up to the task of storing the grain for the better price, you can follow these steps at your convenience. You should adopt the storing tactics before your grain goes out of condition as far quality of grain concerns. It is always better to take proper measures before it’s too late.


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