What Is The Purpose of A Radiator?

If you know a thing or two about cars and/or industrial machinery, chances are you know what a radiator fan is and why it is so necessary. A crucial part of a mechanical engine, the radiator is responsible for keeping the engine from overheating. The application of radiators is slightly different depending on the vehicle in question. Let’s have a look at how they work in cars and tractors.

How Radiators Work

As discussed, the radiator is responsible for keeping the engine at the appropriate temperature. This occurs by the use of a liquid or coolant that is pumped around the engine. Put in simple terms, through the use of the fan, the radiator is able to pump and transfer the heat of the liquid outside, which essentially cools the liquid. The cool liquid, being pumped around the engine, effectively cools the engine down itself.

Interestingly, there is a greater energy loss in a tractor engine compared to that of a car. In fact, the most efficient engines will use only 35%-40% of the total energy created to power the tractor itself, the rest will essentially be lost. A poorly functioning radiator can lead to more energy loss than this, so it’s a good idea to keep the radiator in good working order. For that reason a cooling system is a must for optimal performance.

Loss of Efficiency

There are instances in which a radiator fan can become less efficient and potentially cost you more money. When the fan isn’t operating at full capacity, the coolant is not pumped around the engine to as efficiently, leading to the engine being at a less than ideal temperature. This is something that is particularly a problem for tractors, where they are exposed to a great deal of foreign materials that can get stuck in the radiator fan and reduce its effectiveness.

Having technical know-how for a clean radiator is very important. As the do’s and don’t for tractor radiator cleaning are the key to the puzzle. When dust, leaves and whatever else find their way to the grill screens and radiator, you’re looking at a loss of efficiency. One option is to make your way into the engine and clean out the radiator by hand after use. The problem is that this can be pretty time-consuming considering how much use the tractor is getting.

Finding quality radiator cleaning solutions that don’t require so much time is therefore quite important.

Reversible Radiator Fans

How CleanFIX Reversible Radiator Fans Work

One simple, yet highly effective solution is to install a reversible fan into your radiator. The idea here is that when it becomes clear that there is a build up of material stuck in the radiator or the screen, you can reverse the flow of air and essentially blow them away. This saves the driver from even having to leave the tractor itself. The effects of this are that you ensure your tractor runs at full efficiency and you don’t have to get your hands dirty!

For more information about reversible radiator fans and other radiator cleaning solutions, talk to the experts at Advantec today!


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