Pros and Cons of Grain Ring Usage as Temporary Storage

A great yield of crops always brings euphoria in the heart and smile of satisfaction in the face of a farm owner. But in some occasions of auspiciousness, the expectation of a farm owner is outpaced or literally outgrown by the crop production. Then this boon of extra yield brings some pensive frowns in the farm owner’s forehead as he gets concerned for that extra amount of grain handling and storage on a temporary basis.

In these moments of such crisis, there come grain storage rings as the perfect solution as being a temporary grain storage system which can hold grains for a limited life span.

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Source: Meridian

Of all the available temporary storage options on the market, galvanized Grain Storage Rings are such intermediate storage option which has the lowest cost per bushel. Grain storage rings can contain a large volume of the crop as these rings have a self-supporting design.

During years with bumper-crop production, grain storage rings are established as intermediate grain storage solution and this practice helps farm owners solve the dilemma of storing and handling redundantly produced crops which are more than the grain storage allowance or capacity. For modern farm operational needs, it is sometimes required to store grains outdoors on a temporary basis but in a safe way. This purpose can be served by grain storage rings.

Types of Grain Storage Rings

Grain storage rings come in two types – one is very basic, the wood rings and another is the more prevalent and useful one, steel grain rings. Both types of the grain storage rings are functional and convenient for short-term grain storage, but as both have some limitations as well it is recommended to not use those for longer periods of time.

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Steel grain rings are a bit pricey to set-up and maintain but serve with better durability comparatively. On the other hand, wooden grain storage rings are less heavy on the wallet but come with a shorter lifespan than that of steel grain rings.

Grain Rings Benefits

  • During excess crop production period, Readily Available
  • Requires minimal investment
  • Portability or Movability (Grain Rings can be transferred from one place of choice to another location of convenience)
  • Easier set-up or disbanding procedures
  • Reusable and usable for many times
  • Compact and can be stacked, when not in use

Limitations with Grain Rings

  • No added feature for heat management (aeration) or moisturization
  • Waste-prone as comes with collateral grain and materials waste
  • Risk of Damage from pestilence, wildlife, moisture and external contamination
  • Difficulty in loading and unloading crops
  • Limited Storage Period

Dealing with Grain Rings Limitations

It is evident that pest, wildlife and moisture damage are the major concerns while using grain storage rings for a temporary storage system.

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By using a tarp over the storage ring to keep the grain well-contained within, the grain quality can also be ensured and retained. Grain remains intact much better in quality than piling the grain mound in open space. To keep the rings and tarps in good condition they need to be dismantled and stored when not in use. If using steel rings, the tarps need to be replaced well before the ring wears out.

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And to deal with the limitation of heat management (aeration) or moisturization in grain storage ring, Aeration holes and in-load out-load ports can be installed into the ring.

Each of the cultivating and crop growing seasons is different in attributes. So it becomes difficult for farmers to anticipate or predict the exact amount of crop yield and the appropriate size of storage needed for the smoother hassle free farm operation. On the other hand, grain handling and storage facilities require deliberate investment in and thorough consideration of storage capacity needs.

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So the next time the grain silos are totally full, farm owners don’t have to compromise with enjoying a record amount of crop yield as there are grain storage rings to help them out. Advantec is ever-present at the service of Australian farmers and takes pride in helping Australian farmers to reach their fullest potential.